Bias Incident

On 3/25/19 the Riverside Township Police received a report of "graffiti" written on a surface of a bathroom at the Riverside Township Middle School.

Upon investigation it was determined that this incident was considered to be a Bias Incident as it made reference to a certain race of individual and threats of violence were made. 

After an extensive investigation a JV suspect was identified and questioned.

Since that time it was brought to our attention that numerous parents have contacted the Riverside Township SRO Ptl. Anthony Cicali as well as local media outlets regarding this incident and are hearing "rumors" that there will be a "shooting" at the Riverside Middle School on May 1, 2019.

At this time we cannot corroborate these "rumors" and I would encourage anyone with any information regarding these "rumors" or "threats" to contact the Riverside Township Police via Central Communications at 856-461-3434.

The Riverside Township Police will maintain a higher visibility on Riverside Township Public school property on May 1, 2019.

Thank You,

William T. Eliason
Chief of Police
Riverside Township