Riverside Police Begin Utilizing Axon Citizen for Digital Evidence Collection

Axon has just announced it will offer law enforcement agencies their Axon Citizen evidence collection tool free for the remainder of the year in an effort to assist officers with social distancing.  
This is a new service we are able to offer our residents which will allow us to collect digital, non-urgent evidence like photos, videos or other data without putting officers and citizens at risk of exposure.
Officers will be able to provide residents with a link by phone or email which will allow them to upload photographs or videos to our digital evidence management system, Evidence.com.   
"Axon Citizen radically simplifies evidence collection and allows officers to collect and manage community evidence from a mobile or desktop device. The intuitive interface allows critical evidence to be securely submitted into Axon Evidence in three clicks, where the software's features can be used to easily create a chain of custody and assess, catalog and search footage."
The Riverside Police Department currently utilizes other Axon technology for body worn cameras, conducted energy devices (Tasers), car cameras, and digital evidence storage.
We hope this new service will make it more convenient to share digital evidence of a crime or suspected criminal activity.