Suspects Charged in Vehicle Burglary Ring

Riverside Township Police
Riverside, NJ

Riverside -  This past September, over the course of several nights, the Riverside Township Police were dispatched to approximately 14 incidents for property stolen from unlocked vehicles.  The suspects stole over $1000 in property to include tools, credit cards, cash and electronics.  Similar crimes were discovered to have taken place in surrounding townships over the same timeframe.  Riverside Police Detectives conducted a lengthy investigation and as a result, identified and charged one adult and three juveniles with offenses related to these crimes. 

This past week, Tyshon Haughton, 18 yrs, of Camden, NJ, a 16 year old from Camden, NJ along with a 17 year old and 16 year old from Riverside, NJ were charged with Burglary, Conspiracy, Theft, Credit Card Theft and Use of a Stolen Credit Card.  All of the suspects were notified and served summonses to appear in court.  These cases are pending appearances in court.  

Please remember to keep your vehicle and your residence secured at all times.  If you observe suspicious activity, report it right away.  Try to provider our dispatchers with essential information such as clothing descriptions and direction of travel.  If you can safely observe, stay on the phone with  the dispatcher or leave a call back number.  You can also ask to remain anonymous.  Anonymous calls are better than not calling, but at times we need more information when we arrive and are unable to get it when the caller was anonymous. The information you provide is often the difference in making  an arrest or having to let a criminal go because we cannot positively identify them.
If you believe you are witnessing criminal activity requiring immediate police response dial 911 immediately.