Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Pokemon Go Craze - Words of Caution

We always encourage our youth (and adults) to get outdoors and play/exercise, and we appreciate that this new mobile phone game, “Pokémon Go” is encouraging outdoor exploration. We would, however, like to offer some words of caution before you go out to Catch ‘Em All. 
While you are out on the hunt for Pokémon BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS. Do not trespass on private property when playing the game. As much as you might want to catch that rare Pokémon, you cannot wander into someone’s yard to do so. You should not be going into any businesses while looking for the characters either. Areas like heavily forested regions, large bodies of water, and hillsides are especially dangerous, police departments have warned, and it has been suggested that if players want to explore these regions they should be extra careful and should never venture out alone.  If you are near a roadway during your search, remain aware of your surroundings and stay out of traffic.  Also, NEVER use this app while driving. Distracted Driving is one of the biggest causes of vehicle related fatalities and this app can be highly distracting. 

Another word of caution to PARENTS: If your children are using the app, please be wary of alerting strangers of your future location (which is possible via the application). There have been examples in the media of young adults playing the game and unknowingly being lured into dangerous situations by others using the app.  Also, please be mindful of the curfew hours for juveniles, Sun-Thurs 10pm-6am, Fri-Sat, 11pm-6am.    

We do enjoy seeing people out and about and having a good time.  We also want everyone to be safe! 
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