Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Riverside Students Begin Filming Bicycle Safety PSA

Riverside High School students began filming today for their entry into the U Got Brains? Brain Injury Alliance competition.  This year students, lead by SRO Anthony Cicali,  are focusing on bicycle safety.  The students applied for and  secured a grant to have a film crew help them with their video.  Thank you to the Riverside High School students that volunteered to participate in the video project on their day off.  A special thanks to Riverside High School I.T. Director, Jonathan Gazaway for his assistance in the project.  We would also like to thank the film's star, seven year old Aiden of Riverside.  Aiden was very patient and professional during the filming, and it was a pleasure to work with him!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Register for Burlington County's Swift911 Emergency Notification System

Burlington County utilizes the Swift911 Emergency Notification system. Swift911 is used in order to keep our constituents informed during fires, outages, floods, hurricanes, evacuations, road closures and more. All notifications are delivered for the sole purpose of delivering emergency messages and public notifications that are time sensitive in order to increase the safety and security within our County. Additionally, this service is also extended to the forty (40) municipalities within Burlington County.
Registration is free, and allows the user access to select how and from what municipalities they wish to receive information. Click on the Swift911 photo above in order to register to receive important emergency notifications.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Directive Strengthening Trust Between Law Enforcement and Immigrant Communities T and U Visa Nonimmigrant Status Application

The Riverside Township Police is posting the following information that was drafted by the Burlington County Prosecutors Office to ensure compliance with the NJ Attorney Generals Office Directive 18-6. 

The Riverside Township Police has adopted the following BCPO policy regarding the requests for Nonimmigrant T and U Visa Status Applications. 

Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office Procedures
for T- and U-Visa Nonimmigrant Status Applications

Immigrants who are victims of certain crimes may be eligible to obtain legal status in the United States by application to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), a federal agency of the Department of Homeland Security.  These visas, referred to as a T-Visa or U-Visa, allow the recipient, as well as certain family members, to obtain legal status and remain in the United States for a period of up to four years to assist law enforcement in the prosecution of criminal activity.  In certain circumstances, a visa may be renewed or may serve as a basis for an application for permanent legal status.
Prior to submitting an application to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, however, certain documentation must be submitted to the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office for review.  The documentation will facilitate the federal application process.  As such, the purpose of this notification is to advise prospective applicants of the procedure utilized by Burlington County for the processing of T- and U-Visa applications.    

Nonimmigrant T-Visas
The following should be considered prior to submitting an application for a T-Visa:

An individual may be eligible for issuance of a T-Visa if he or she:
(1)   Is, or has been, a victim of human trafficking; and
(2)   Has complied with requests for assistance in an investigation or prosecution of such activity.

An applicant for a T-Visa must prove to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services that he or she has satisfied the eligibility requirements as set forth above.  In order to do so, the individual may obtain a signed statement, known as a “declaration,” from the law enforcement agency investigating or prosecuting the case.  The declaration, titled “Declaration of Law Enforcement Officer for Victim in Trafficking of Persons” (USCIS Form I-914B,, is not required.  However, a signed declaration is compelling evidence of a victim’s cooperation.
In Burlington County, the Burlington County Prosecutor, or his designee, is the only individual authorized to sign a declaration for a T-Visa.      
Nonimmigrant U-Visas
The following should be considered prior to submitting an application for a U-Visa:

An individual may be eligible for a U-Visa if he or she:
(1)   Is the victim of qualifying criminal activity; and

(2)   Has been helpful, or is likely to be helpful, to law enforcement or other officials in the detection, investigation or prosecution of criminal activity.

For a list of qualifying crimes, refer to the “U and T Visa Law Enforcement Resource Guide” accessible at 

An applicant for a U-Visa must prove to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services that he or she has satisfied the eligibility requirements as set forth above.  To do so, the individual must obtain a signed statement, known as a “certification,” from the law enforcement agency investigating or prosecuting the case.  The certification, titled “Supplement B, U Nonimmigrant Status Certification” (USCIS Form I-918,, is required.  The USCIS will not consider an application for a U-Visa without the certification. 
In Burlington County, the Burlington County Prosecutor, or his designee, is the only individual authorized to sign the certification.      

Application Process for T- and U-Visas
Obtaining a Declaration or Certification
Individuals who satisfy the eligibility requirements set forth above may submit a completed Declaration of Law Enforcement Officer for Victim in Trafficking of Persons Form (T-Visa), or Supplement B, Nonimmigrant Status Certification Form (U-Visa), to the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office for consideration.  Upon receipt, the application will be reviewed by the Burlington County Prosecutor or his designee. 
In reviewing the documentation, the initial investigating agency will be consulted, as will any Prosecutor’s Office personnel who are familiar with the investigation.  If a declaration or certification is warranted upon review of the application, the Prosecutor, or his designee, will sign same.  That decision is within the sole discretion of the Prosecutor or his designee.    
A decision shall be rendered within 120 days from the date of submission of the application to the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office.  Notification of the decision will be provided to the applicant, as well as the applicant’s counsel, if any.  If approved, the original declaration or certification will be provided to counsel, and if no counsel exists, to the applicant.  A copy of the documents will be maintained by the Prosecutor’s Office.                          
Time for Application
An application for a T- or U-Visa may be submitted at any time during the pendency of, or subsequent to, the investigation or prosecution of the criminal activity.  There are no time limitations to file an application.

The immigration status of an individual requesting a T- or U-Visa shall not be disclosed by the Prosecutor, or his designee, to any federal or state agency, without written authorization of the applicant, or as required by law.  

Issuance of a T- or U-Visa
A signed declaration or certification by the Prosecutor or his designee does not grant legal status to the applicant.  The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is the sole agency that has the authority to issue a T- or U-Visa. 

Individuals seeking information regarding visas are encouraged to review the “U and T Visa Law Enforcement Resource Guide” accessible at  Any questions concerning the application process may be directed to Burlington County Assistant Prosecutor Mark B. Westfall at 609-265-5887.  Applications should be sent to the attention of Assistant Prosecutor Westfall at the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office, 49 Rancocas Road, Mount Holly, New Jersey 08060.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Riverside Police Welcome Two New Officers

Congratulations to Riverside Police Department's two newest members!  Last night, Officer Jeffery Hillman and Officer Jasmine Vaccaro were sworn in as full-time Patrol Officers by Mayor Lorraine Hatcher and Chief William T. Eliason.   Both officers were hired to fill current vacancies.  We are excited to have them both as full-time members of the Riverside Township Police Department, and wish them long and safe careers!

First Responders Recognized at Township Meeting

Riverside Patrolman Shane Pettit, Delran Police Sergeant William Marshall and members of the Riverside Fire Company were recognized at last night's Township Meeting for their rescue efforts during a residential fire on January 25th in Riverside Township.

Monday, February 25, 2019

New Online Application System for Firearms

Effective immediately the Riverside Police Department will no longer distribute paperwork related to firearms for:
  • Initial Firearms Purchaser Identification Card
  • Application to purchase a handgun
  • Change of Name on Identification Card
  • Change of Address on Identification Card
  • Change of Sex on Identification Card
  • Lost or stolen Identification Card
  • Mutilated Identification Card
Those applications are now completed online at:  The New Jersey State Police Firearms Application and Registration System.  If you are a Riverside resident, you will need to enter NJ0033100 when prompted for our ORI number.  Please follow all instructions carefully to avoid delays and re-submission fees. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Violent Prisoner Facing Additional Charges

On 1/26/19 Riverside Police arrested Daniel J. Lippincot, 35 of Riverside, for an assault.  As a result of those charges Mr. Lippincott was transported to Burlington County Jail.  During his transport, he became violent in the patrol vehicle, using his head and feet to dislodge a partition and yelling he was going to kill the officers.  After the partition was breached he began spitting blood and saliva in the face of the officer driving.  Mr. Lippincott then urinated in the vehicle. 

He was then transported to the hospital for medical clearance for jail where he continued to threaten to kill police.  After being cleared medically he was lodged in Burlington County Jail pending a detention hearing. The officer was treated for exposure to bodily fluids and released. 

Mr. Lippincott was charged with Throwing Bodily Fluids at Law Enforcement, Terroristic Threats, and Criminal Mischief.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Two Injured in House Fire

At 1:33 a.m. today Riverside Police were dispatched to a dwelling fire at 236 Cleveland Ave.  Both occupants of the home were transported to area hospitals.  One occupant is in critical condition and another sustained non-life threatening injuries.  A Delran police officer was treated and released after suffering smoke inhalation.

The cause of the fire is now under investigation.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Ptl. Shane Pettit Named 2018 Officer of the Year

On Wednesday, January 23rd the Riverside Police Department held its annual award dinner at Cafe Madison in Riverside.  Patrolman Shane Pettit was named Officer of the Year for 2018.  In 2018 Ptl. Pettit effected 101 arrests, investigated 127 cases, conducted 228 motor vehicle stops, and made 17 drug arrests.  

Other award recipients shown below with Chief William T. Eliason

Outstanding Narcotics Invesitgation:  Lt. Louis Fisher, Det. Kevin Joo

Exceptional Duty  Ptl. Anthony Cicali

Community Service Award:  Ptl. Tiravis Perinho
Exceptional Duty Award:  *Civilian* Jennifer Marano
Chief's Citation:  Ptl. Anthony Congemi and K9 Nikko

Chief's Citation:  Timothy Marano

Friday, December 7, 2018

Riverside Police Welcome our Newest Member

Patrolman. Christopher Deffler graduated from Camden County College Police Academy's 73rd Basic Police Recruit Class yesterday.  Ptl. Deffler began the intensive training process on July 16th.  He will continue his training in Riverside Police Department's Field Training Officer program.  We welcome Ptl. Deffler and wish him a long, successful, and safe career.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

News Flash: UFO Crashes into Riverside Police Station!!

Riverside Officers have worked throughout the night to stabilize the area. We are asking for assistance from the public to come analyze the crash site and investigate the out of this world activity occurring inside the station!

TONIGHT !!! October 28 5pm-9pm Trunk or Treat and Station Tour....

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Man Wanted for Armed Robberies Discovered Hiding in Closet

On October 27, 2018, officers of the Riverside Police responded to an apartment on St. Mihiel Drive in attempt to locate Terrence Franklin, 49 years, of Riverside, NJ.  Franklin was a WANTED person with outstanding warrants for his arrest stemming from Armed Robberies and Thefts that occurred in Marlton and Cherry Hill, NJ in mid October 2018.    Franklin is also a suspect in other strong armed robberies in South Jersey.  

After a brief investigation at an apartment on St. Mihiel Dr, Franklin was located hiding behind an access panel within a bedroom closet.  After several orders to exit the closet, he eventually complied and surrendered to the officers.

Terrence Franklin was charged within the Township of Riverside with Obstructing the Administration of Law (4th degree).  He was then turned over to the Evesham Police Department to face charges of Armed Robbery (2nd Degree) and Theft.  

Terrence Franklin, 49 yrs, Riverside, NJ

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Merchantville Man Arrested: Illegally Entered Home, Exposed Himself

On 10/22/18 at approximately 7:51 pm, the Riverside Police were dispatched to the area of Jefferson St near Pavilion Avenue, for the report of a male subject who exposed himself to a Riverside resident.  Upon arrival, the victim stated to police that she was in her residence when a male subject, unknown to her, walked into her house through the front door without first knocking or asking to enter.  She told police that she was able to get the subject to leave her house, but once outside he pulled his pants down and exposed himself to her.  The suspect then fled the area on a bicycle. 

Riverside Police officers searched the area and located a male on a bicycle fitting the description provided by the caller.  When officers approached him, he fled on the bike, ignoring commands to stop.  After a short chase, the officers located the suspect hiding behind a business along Pavilion Avenue. 

The suspect was identified as Jaime S. Chismete, 36 yrs, of Merchantville, NJ.  He was placed under arrest and charged with Criminal Trespass, Lewdness, Obstructing the Administration of Law, Resisting Arrest by Flight and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.  He was lodged at the Burlington County Correctional Facility pending a court hearing. 

Jaime S. Chismete, 36 years

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Halloween Holiday Curfew

We would like to remind everyone that a curfew of 9:00 pm will be in effect for all persons under the age of 18 unless accompanied by an adult in Riverside Township on October 30, 2018 and October 31, 2018. The designated end time for knocking on doors for Trick-or-Treating for all persons is also 9:00 p.m. 

If you have any problems, please notify us at 856-461-3434 or Dial 911 for an emergency or crime in progress.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Disorderly Male Burglarizes School; Damages Residential Property

On July 30, 2018 at approximately 2:53 am, the Riverside Police responded to a call for a disorderly male banging on the doors of several residences near the downtown area.   During the investigation, the police received reports from several residents about a male who attempted to enter their homes by force.  They awoke to a male banging forcefully on their doors seemingly attempting to gain entry.  The suspect did not gain entry to any residence.  The homeowners reported damage to the exterior of their houses and other property.  Officers located a male walking nearby along a residential street fitting the description of the suspect.  He was found to be holding a fire extinguisher and in possession of a gold hand-sized crucifix.  The suspect was identified as Isaac Tzalam Lucas, 19 years, of Riverside. 

As a result of the investigation, it was determined that Lucas also vandalized and gained entry to the former St. Peter’s Parochial School building on Middleton St.  Once inside, Lucas stole a fire extinguisher, a crucifix and caused damage within the building.   

Lucas was charged with Burglary, Theft, Criminal Mischief, Defiant Trespassing and Criminal Attempt – Burglary.  Lucas was lodged at the Burlington County Correctional Facility pending a detention hearing.  

Isaac Tzalam Lucas

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