Monday, March 24, 2014

Make Your Call Count!

 When you report an emergency, crime in progress or something suspicious to police make the call count.  The timely information you provide is often the difference between an arrest and letting a suspect go because they cannot be identified.  If you are able to safely monitor the event, we encourage you to remain on the phone with dispatch in case officers need more information when they arrive.  If you do not wish to be identified, please advise the dispatcher that you would like to remain anonymous.  Below we have listed some descriptors that aid police in the identification of suspects:
  • Hair-  color, length, style
  • Eyes-  color, glasses
  • Facial features/shapes-  nose, lips, teeth, ears, facial hair, scars
  • Clothing-  coat, shirt, hat, pants, shorts, gloves, bandanna, how worn
  • Race-  complexion, nationality, ethnicity
  • Height
  • Sex
  • Weight
  • Voice-  language, accent, lisp, stutter, loud, soft, statements made
  • Weapon-  gun(revolver, automatic, rifle , shotgun), knife, bat, color
  • Age
  • Shoes-  sneakers, boots, flip flops, style, color
  • Other-  tattoos, limp, jewelry, piercings, backpack/purse, other items
  • Direction of travel

  • Make-  Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan, etc
  • Model-  Taurus, Impala, Maxima
  • Color
  • License Plate-  characters, state, color
  • Style-  car, truck, suv, van, 2 door, 4 door
  • Other-  bumper stickers, damage
  • Occupants-  number, description
  • Direction of Travel


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