Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Traffic Enforcement Locations Will Be Tweeted On April 11th.

In an effort to promote traffic safety, we will once again be Tweeting traffic enforcement locations on Friday, April 11th.  This event coincides with the national Distracted Driver crackdown developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

*ONLY* check our Twitter account prior to driving, when safely parked, or have a passenger check for you.  We hope to deter distracted driving before it happens.  Prevention is our first step in making the roads safer for motorists and pedestrians.

It is illegal in New Jersey to operate a motor vehicle while using a handheld electronic device.  Currently, motorists violating New Jersey's primary cell phone law face a $100 fine plus court costs and fees.  However, on July 1, 2014 those penalties will rise to a range of $200 to $400 for a first offense and could increase to $800 for subsequent violations.

Help us make our roads safer by following us on Twitter and encouraging a friend to do the same.

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