Monday, July 7, 2014

Riverside Township Police Officers Receive Training to Administer Anti-Overdose Drug

In response to the growing epidemic of heroin and opiate-based drug overdoses and deaths, the Riverside Township Police have obtained the anti-overdose drug, Naloxone, also known as Narcan.  This drug is administered as a nasal spray to victims to combat the immediate effects of an opiate-based overdose and to save lives.  The program was approved this past month for police officers in all 21 counties in New Jersey to be trained to administer Narcan.  The initial issue of Narcan in Burlington County is being coordinated by the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office.  Once trained, every officer with the Riverside Police Department will be able to administer the drug. 

In addition to this program, the State of New Jersey, in May of 2013, also approved the “Good Samaritan” bill.  This bill provides immunity to 911 callers under most circumstances when they call to report that someone has overdosed so they will not fear being arrested for drug possession.  ANYONE who observes someone they believe is suffering from an overdose is required to DIAL 9-1-1 and report it immediately.

The Riverside Township Police will continue to hold this problem as a HIGH priority and will continue to investigate charge and prosecute anyone who manufactures, sells or distributes heroin, prescription pills or any other addictive narcotics in and around the township. Citizens are encouraged to continue to assist police with information on those they believe are distributing narcotics within the township.  Call 856-461-8577 or email at

The “Riverside Police” mobile App has links to the “Crime Tip” email and phone numbers to contact Detectives.  The mobile App also has a “Drug Problem” hotline link with phone numbers to several agencies to help those suffering from drug addiction. The App can be downloaded to any iPhone or Android-based phone by navigating to the appropriate App store and searching on "Riverside Police." 

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