Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Riverside Township Patrolmen Honored at Township Meeting

Riverside Patrolmen Amaya Urtasun and Timothy Marano were honored last night by the Riverside Township Committee and their fellow officers, for their heroic actions on October 29, 2014.  On that day, at 5:45am, Riverside Township Police and Fire were dispatched to a residence on Filmore Street for a report of a structure fire.  Riverside Patrolman Amaya Urtasun and Patrolman Timothy Marano immediately responded and were the first to arrive on the scene.  Upon arrival they observed the upper level of the residence to be fully engulfed in flames and two residents standing on the second story roof attempting to escape the fire.  Ptl Urtasun and Ptl. Marano acted quickly, locating a ladder from a neighboring residence.  Both officers worked together to climb up and assist both of the residents in coming down off the roof to safety.  Because of these officer’s actions, the lives of these two victims were saved and no serious injuries occurred.

Congratulations to Ptl. Urtasun and Ptl. Marano on their much deserved commendations!  

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