Sunday, May 17, 2015

Woman Bites Riverside Officer in Attempted Escape

On 5/17/15 at 0050hrs, the Riverside Police were dispatched to the area of Cleveland Avenue for several subjects fighting.  Officers discovered that there was a verbal neighbor dispute prior to their arrival and no one had been physically fighting.  One of the suspects was identified as local resident, Ashley N. Marshall, 24 years.  She was found to have outstanding warrants for her arrest.  While taking her into custody, she resisted arrest, yelled out offensive language and kicked the interior windows and doors of the patrol car.  Once at the police station, Marshall then pushed officers, threatened them and refused to allow them to secure her to the station bench.  During processing, Marshall claimed that she was in pain and asked for an ambulance to take her to the hospital.  The police requested Delran EMS to respond and once they arrived, Marshall verbally abused the EMTs.  The Officers along with the EMTs attempted to escort Marshall to the ambulance and seat her on the stretcher.  Once she was seated, she continued to yell at the EMTs and Police.  Prior to leaving the station, she pulled at her handcuffs to the point that she freed her hand.  She then attempted to jump from the back of the ambulance.  The Riverside Officer was able to grab hold of her before she was out of the ambulance.   As he did so, Marshall bit down upon the officer's wrist.  The officer did sustain an injury as a result of the bite, but was treated and released at the hospital.  Marshall was also treated at the hospital where she continued to aggressively yell at police and hospital staff.  She was later lodged at Burlington County Jail Minimum Security Facility with $75,000 full bail. 

Ashley N. Marshall was charged with: 

Escape with Force, Aggravated Assault on Police, Resisting Arrest with Force, Obstruction and Disorderly Conduct.    

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