Thursday, September 24, 2015

Riverside Police Record Eighth Narcan Save of 2015

On 9/23/15 Riverside Police were dispatched to the area of Polk and Madison Streets for a male laying on the sidewalk with an unknown problem.  Upon arrival the subject was unconscious and
not breathing.  Officers acted quickly and administered first aid including the use of Narcan(Naloxone) which is used to reverse the effects of opioids.  The male regained consciousness and was transported to the hospital for further evaluation.  Yesterday's Narcan deployment resulted in the eighth save this year by the Riverside Police Department. 

In addition to Riverside officers carrying Narcan to combat this nationwide epidemic, Lt. Lou Fisher of the Riverside Police Department, has implemented and new program entitled T.I.P. (Treatment Incentive Program).  This program is designed to target individuals of addiction that are at high risk of overdose and committing theft related crimes to support their addiction.  He works with those individuals to seek out long term in-patient treatment as an alternative to incarceration.  The T.I.P. program is an abstinence based program that supports sober living.  If you or your loved one has succumbed to addiction, and have thought about or committed theft related crimes to support your addiction, please contact Lt. Lou Fisher at

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