Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Police Responding to Fire Call Make Arrest for Drug Distribution

Karl R. Constantine
On 2/9/16 Riverside Police were dispatched to an apartment building on N. Pavilion Avenue for a report of a fire alarm going off.  Upon arrival a smoke condition was observed and police began evacuating the building.  Officers determined the concentration of smoke was coming from one particular apartment.  Several attempts to evacuated that apartment went unanswered.  When the tenant finally opened the door, the apartment was found engulfed in smoke.   During the investigation into the source of the fire, officers observed evidence indicative of drug use and distribution in the one room apartment.

Karl R. Constantine, 45 of Riverside, was taken into custody.  Mr. Constantine's charges include:
  • Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance
  • Distribution a Controlled Dangerous Substance
  •  Distribution within 500 feet of a Public Building
  •  Maintaining a Nuisance
He was lodged in Burlington County Jail in default of $52,500 bail. 

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