Friday, February 5, 2016

Police vs. Fire Basketball Game Tomorrow Night!

Join us tomorrow night at the Riverside High School Gymnasium for the Police vs. Fire basketball game.  The game starts at 7:00 p.m. and doors open at 6:30.  Tickets are:  adults $5, students and seniors are $3. Kids under 5 are free.  Tickets are available at the front window of the police station and at the door. The proceeds of this game will benefit the Riverside Police Explorer and Riverside Fire Company Outreach programs.  Snacks and drinks will be available for purchase.  We would like to thank the Riverside Board of Education and maintenance staff for the use of the facility.  We would also like to thank our sponsors for providing some great giveaways during the game including watches, basketballs, and gift certificates!

Playing for the Riverside Police Department:  William Eliason, Ron Brock, Amaya Urtasun, Anthony Cicali, Tim Marano, Brandon Conard, Brendon Griffin, Kevin Joo, Travis Perinho, and Nick Wallace

Playing for the Riverside Fire Company:  J. Conard, G. Joo, C. Bluhm, S. Santos, M. Greed, G. Conard, D. Nesbitt, J. Brickley, M. Dagostino, J. Mafalli, N. Strough, C. Newman, D. Bard, V. Nesbitt, T. Leconey, T. Devlin, C Bluhm, E. Salkowski, R. Loveland

We would also like to thank our volunteers!
Referee-  Jeff Snow
Scoreboard and Announcments-  Chris Mcmanus and Ryan Varga
National Anthem-  Police Explorer Shaina Egan

Best of Luck to Both Teams!!!

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