Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Ring Video Doorbell Partners With Riverside Police to Enhance Home Security

In November, Ring, the manufacturer of a wireless video doorbell sent one of our crime prevention
officers a free doorbell to test and evaluate.  After spending a month with the product we would like to share our findings with you.

As an overview, this is a product that would replace your existing doorbell.  The doorbell can be wireless and run on battery or hardwired.   It is not residential specific and could be used for other applications such as businesses, garages, gates, etc. as long as it can connect to your wifi.  The wireless connection works by way of a rechargeable battery inside of the doorbell that holds a charge approximately four months.   It then needs to be recharged by usb cable similar to a cell phone. If it is hardwired it doesn't need to be recharged.  Both connection methods require connection to a wifi network.  A chime can also be purchased for $29 that can plug into a wall inside your house to give you an audible doorbell ring inside your house.  The chime can be customized to several different sounds including a barking dog.

When someone presses the doorbell it activates the attached camera and begins recording video and audio.  It can also be setup to send a notification to your cell phone.  Once you open the app on your phone you are viewing live video and given the option to have a two way conversation with the person at the door or end the connection.  The video and audio are both clear.  Video and audio recording is also triggered by motion.  For example, if a package is delivered to your house it is recorded without the doorbell being pushed.  Also, if the same package is later stolen from your porch, that is also recorded without the doorbell being pushed.  You would now have video of the suspect to share with police.

The video is recorded at 720p HD and it covers a wide angle.  It also has night vision with impressive quality.  The camera comes with a 30 day trial of cloud storage.  After the trial period the cost is $3 per month or $30 per year.  The videos are stored for up to 6 months.  Without the cloud storage, it will still notify you of motion or a doorbell ring that you can view live, but it will not record.  The company also offers a wireless security camera with two way audio and a soon to be released floodlight with camera.  Those products have not been evaluated.

There has been an increase in the amount of people that shop online and have packages left on their porch unattended.  This is an easy target for a thief.  As with any crime prevention method there is no 100% guarantee.  The best anyone can hope for is to target harden your property so a potential thief will move on.  Having video camera equipment on your property not only helps identify criminals after a crime occurs, it serves as a deterrent from committing a crime in the first place.

The Ring company is offering residents of Riverside a $25 discount per device.  They are also including a free "Protected by Ring" light up solar sign with the purchase of a Ring, Ring Pro, or Stick Up Cam, while supplies last.  If you are interested in a device please see their website for more details.  The promotional code and details are below:

The code provided for a $25 discount per device is:  44riversidenj    (all lowercase)

 Use the link ring/p/44riversidenj to be taken directly to the check out. 


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