Friday, July 14, 2017

Riverside Patrols Foil Prescription Pill Sale

Pizza Delivery Driver Among Those Arrested

On 7/12/17, while on patrol in the downtown area of Riverside, members of the Riverside Police stopped two male subjects during the course of a narcotics distribution investigation.  The male subjects were identified as Jamaal L. Brown, 34 yrs, of Riverside, NJ and David C. Vann, 22 yrs, of Edgewater Park, NJ.  Brown was observed walking about in the same area for an extended period of time when he met up with Vann.  Vann was operating a motor vehicle at that time, while working as a pizza delivery driver.  At one point during their meeting, Brown distributed several prescription pills, which were later identified as a controlled dangerous substance, to Vann.   As a result of the investigation, both subjects were placed under arrest.  An open container of alcohol and a folding knife were recovered from Vann’s pizza delivery vehicle.  Vann was found to have the prescription pills on his person at the time of arrest.    Brown was found to be in possession of hypodermic syringes. 

Both men were charged as follows:  

Jamaal L. Brown:
Distribution of CDS (3rd)
Possession of CDS (3rd)
Possession of a Syringe (DP)

Brown was released on his charges with a court hearing pending.  

Jamaal L. Brown, 34 yrs

David Vann:
Possession of CDS (3rd)
Obstruction (4th)
Possession of a Weapon (4th)
Possession of CDS within a Motor Vehicle (MV)
Possession of an Open Container of Alcohol in a MV (LO)

Vann was lodged at Burlington County Jail without bail
pending a court hearing.  

David C. Vann, 22 yrs

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